A Free Resource Available to

Placement Families in Western Kentucky


“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me.”

Mark 9:37

On average, the 13 counties of Western Kentucky report 700 youth in foster or relative care.

Whether you are a family member, acquaintance, or complete stranger, opening your home can be an overwhelming experience for not only the child, but the placement family as well. We strive to offer clothing, necessities, and supplies in a timely manner to the receiving family. In addition, every child placed will be given a Moses Basket with age appropriate items to ease anxieties associated with relocation. It is our goal at The Moses Basket to make this transition as smooth as possible for all hearts involved.

How It Works


Upon notification of child placement, the receiving family can log onto The Moses Basket and fill out a wish list of items that are age appropriate and needed for arrival. Simply go to the tab labeled “Request a Basket” and shop. You will be prompted for an age range and gender.


After the wish list is received here at The Moses Basket, we will verify with your social worker the placement arrangement. Once confirmed, preparation of your package with new to gently-used items will begin. Items on the list are always subject to availability.


Within 48 hours of social worker approval, a Moses Basket representative will arrange delivery for your items. In addition to the requested wish list, every child will receive an age appropriate Moses Basket with items to help ease the transition into your home.